SEA-Teacher Batch’7

January, 4 th- 7 th 2019

Assalamu’alaikum, I want to introduce myself, my name is Fadilla Ulfah, I am from INDONESIA and I am from UNIVERSITAS NEGERI PADANG (UNP) collage. Economics and Economics Education Study Program, I  studied in 2016, and now I am in sixth semester. Originally I am from Bukittinggi, and I am now 20 years old.

Fadilla Ulfah

Following the SEA-Teacher program is a program that I dream when I was in junior high school because I want to exchange students abroad someday, and Ahamdulillah now , I have achieved my dream.

Exchange at Saint Mary’s University, here we are 7 people, 4 people from Indonesia and 3 people from Thailand. I booked a ticket to Manila on January 4 until February 4 with an AirAsia plane, I left with my friend who also came from UNP, Fakhri Irfan Hadi, he is at SEA- a Teacher that teaches sports. The ticket that we ordered was a PP ticket . On the 4th, we departed from Minang kabau International Airport to Malaysia. In Malaysia, we were not just transit, but we were on holiday for 4 days.

Jaka, Fakhri, Dilla, Chica

In Malaysia ,we stayed with our friends who also joined SEA-Tecaher. We lived in the apartment team that came from India. I went to Tower , only it that I visited while I was in Malaysia because I slept more than I played.

Twin Tower

January, 7th-8th 2019 (DELAY)

The 7th was the date that I should have been able to go to manila at 7:00 a.m, but at that time the agent where I booked the ticket was booked incorrectly, so I left on the 7th but at 8:40 PM. Previously on the 6th, I was notified that the plane ordered a delay, and I left on the 8th at 02.20 AM.

KLIA2 Aiport

At 8:20 AM at KLIA2 airport, I left with Fakhri to Nihoy Manila Airport, and Alhamdulillah I arrived at 6:20 AM, because at dawn prayer time, I prayed on the plane.

Nihoy Manila Airport, the Queue for Immigration was very long, at 09.00 AM, I finished doing an inspirational check and we were greeted by a group of Saint Marys University, namely Miss Liberty. I and Fakhri exchanged money to the money changer for Rp.2,000,000 or $ 137 and at P 6,666. I bought a GLOBE starter card at the airport, because of the difficulty of the wifi network, with the price of P 600, and only 4GB.


We ate at MCDonals. After we ate,  we went to the lodging of SEA-Tecaher friends, and there I met friends from INDONESIA namely, Nisa from Jakarta UHAMKA university and Tiwi from INDOENSIA University of Banjarmasin. They were both majoring in English education, they were good in English.They used English language everyday in their lectures, and 3 others, namely Win, Peng and Phat, from Thailand majoring in mathematics education, they were all good. about an hour we traveled to the university, we stopped to eat first to Jollybee.

After eating,  we left again for  2 hours, and we stopped at the market. After that we had dinner with MA. Teresa B. Tayaban, PhD who is the dean, and also with Rector, it was very delicious food which was salad appetizers, then followed by rice with fish, and fish satay.


At 10:00 PM, we arrived at the high school dormitory and we met Sister Linda, she was a very good person.We were divided into rooms, where Fakhri and Wins, Peang and Phat, and I were with Nisa and Sis Tiwi.

Father, Mom Tayaban and Mom Liberty

January 9 th2019 (OBSERVASION)

It was our meeting with Sister Linda who gave us the rules while in the dormitory. There were many rules that were given to us such as we had to turn off the water and the lights if we were not in the room. We also provided other facilities such as rice coocer, drinking water, and iron.

Sister Linda

Sister Linda accompanied us to walk around the dormitory. In addition, Sister Linda also showed where the kitchen, how to cook there and so on.She was a very kind and polite person.

Dilla, Nisa, Phat, Win, Peang, Fakhri, Tiwi

I was getting ready to go to Saint Marys University. Under  dormitory ,we have been waited by Buddies who will accompany us, and it is chaired by MR. Jerom. He is a 25-years-old lecturer and he is majoring in mathematics. Furthemore, he is a very kind and friendly person.


Saint Mary’s University (Philippines)

Saint Mary’s University

Saint Mary’s University is a Roman Catholic institution owned and operated by the Belgian missionary congregation CICM located in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya in the Philippines. It was designated as an International Center for the Study of Teaching and Learning Styles in 2004 by the International Center for the Study of Teaching and Learning Styles. 

Saint Mary’s University also offers regular junior high school and science high school education in its secondary department, Saint Mary’s University High School-Science High School. The senior high school, tertiary level schools and colleges are housed in the university/college campus

Principal : Melencio G. Bernardino,Jr (senior high school)

We all headed to high school on foot with fairly hot weather, there, we were introduced entirely to the lecturers and buddies with their departments, and how about the rooms. We also took pictures on the building icon of the high school.

We were invited to eat by Buddies Jero to MCDonald, and I also bought it for dinner.

January ,10th 2019 (ID CARD)

ID Card, we were given an ID Card where we became students at Saint Mary’ S University

After we were given the ID Card, we went to the Public Market, using Triscyle


The market that we visited was a market junior hight school with Buddies Sir Jerom, but it was canceled. I and my friends went to a small mall, Saveroom to buy eggs, and a friend from Thailand, wins, Peang, Phat wanted to make “Sucakai”.

At 6:30 a.m., we finished shopping, and we had dinner together, it was delicious.


We visited to Junior High school, we went with buddies.

In Junior High School, we met with the principal there, i was informed that the major economic education was not in Saint Marys’ University

Junior High School
Senior High School

After that, we all went back to Saint Marys’ University, and met with the chancellor or usually called father, He is very good person.

We met friend from Saint Marys’ University too, the time SEA-Teacher at 4 th she went to thailand, and I also met with Student University from Saint Mary’S University.

January, 12 th-  13th 2019 (LEARN TAGALOG LANGUAGES)

Learning Philippines, namely Tagalog, Venesa and Ruti came to our dorm.

Vanesa and Ruti

They carried a card that it was written in English, and Tagalog, we learned about the words every day that was often used.

Beside that, we also played games. After finishing the first game, we ate food that it was brought by Sir Jerom which was a food made by his mother Sir Jerom, and he said that it was made with another Muslim community and guaranteed halal. After we finished eating, we played again, playing cards and UNO cards.

Around 12:30 PM, one of the buddies arrived, Juls. He came to bring the food which he promised yesterday which was 2 packs of chocolate, wow. He was very kind.

After all the games were finished, we ate together. We ate rice and scrambled omelettes which Sir Jerom had taken. Sunday, our activities were only in the dorm, we cooked fried rice together.


The first day I entered the classroom and we conducted observasion. As the opening event of the SEA-Teacher we showed our talent.

Dilla, Fakhri, Tiwi and Nisa derived from the same country, namely Indonesia. We gave many perfomances such as Tari Pasambahan, kincir-kincir and ampar-ampar pisang. Our perfomances were liked by many lectures and students.

After showing our culture, we went to Senior High School, and we immediately did an observasion in the classroom. I am as a student of Economics, I taught economics and I am accompanied by a tecaher named Clarennce Gazzingan, Jeanne.

MY Schedule

I got into 2 Classes that begin from the hourd of 1.00-4.40 PM

SEnior High School
GAS 12 A (Senior High School)

January 15th, 2019 (OBSERVASION 2)

The second day ,I carried out observations,and I began teaching in class. Mam Clarennce can not attend because of important thing, I had to replace her to teach.

ABM 12 E (Senior High School)

After teaching, I came back to the dorm

January 16th-17th 2019 (CEREMONY)

This wednesday wasthe third my observation where only me had a morning schedule which was 7.30 AM.

At Saint Marys University, I was shocked to be a senior high school caretaker, and I was appointed as a representative of SEA-Teacher to introduce myself. This is the first time for me to introduce myself as an Indonesian in front of many people using English.

Same with yesterday, but yesterday  I was alone, whereas today we introduce ourselves to high school students and teachers in high school together. We use Tagalog language. Ako si Dilla, Ako Nakatirasa Indonesia ( My name is Dilla, I am From Indonesia)

Today, after observation in the morning, I, Sis Tiwi and Nisawere given a teaching assistant on Islamic learning. They were very enthusiastic about asking questions about Islam

January 18th, 2019 (LAST OBSERVATION)

It was the last day of observation for me and my  friends. I observed how mam Clarenne taught and what planning or lesson plan used mam Clarenne.

ABM 12 B (Senior High School)
ABM 12 B (Senior High School)

January 19th-20th 2019 (LESSON PLAN for TEACH)

Saturday, January 19, 2019, I and my friends were accompanied by a buddy to go to the museum in Solano, bayombong, nueva vizcaya. In that place, we saw the history of the city of Bayombong, and we also saw about the clothing or equipment used by ancient people. Additionally, there were many paintings .


After visiting the museum, we went  to the Solano market where there were many Muslim communities who walked in. We also went to the place of the mother sir jerom, and we bought koy and the others.


Next, we went to Grizsa’s house, one of the buddies, a social science department, or a buddies friend who is in a department with me, we used a car or JEEPNEY, there we tried typical philippines foods

Grisza’s House

Sunday, January 20, 2019, we all prepared our lesson plan, because tomorrow was the day that we all appeared to be teachers, and it also included in the evaluation phase.


Leasson Plan

leasson plan : Economic System, Macro Economic Goals of a Country, Micro and Macro Economic.

Content : Introduction to Applied Economics- The Philipines Economy and its 21st Century Socioeconomic Challenges

Content Standart : The learner demonstrates an understand of economics an applied and its utility in addressing the economic problems of the country

Perfomance Standart : The learners shall be able to analyse and propose solution/s to the economic problems using the principles of applied economics.

January 21th-24th 2019 (TEACH)

Monday, January 21, 2019 was the first day where I taught the students. My feelings at that time were very nervous because it was the first time for me to teach, even in Indonesia I never taught because I was in my third year in college. This was the  first time that I taught and the first time that I used English in teaching, I tried to show the best for all because SEA-Teacher was a very extraordinary experience.

The second day, I taught on 22 January 2019, it was still on the same topic regarding system economics. I taught in the ABM 12 D class, they gave me a paper toy in the form of a Japanese kimono shirt,and it was very funny.

January 25th, 2019 (FINAL EVALUATION)

Friday was my last assessment as a teacher from the SEA-TEACHER program, I taught in the 12 B ABM class at 3:20 to 04:40 PM.

for the final performance, I was judged by sir jerom, the supervisor’s mentor and mam clarennce cooperating teacher , and leasson plan about Micro and Macro Economics

I was very nervous because it was the final judgment, and it was a very strict assessment.

I was very touched because ABM 12 B students were very compact and very kind.

January 26th-27th 2019 (HOLIDAY)

Saturday, January 26, 2019 we went to Saint Mary’s University to attend a lecture ceremony for young teachers at Saint Marys University

After attending the program from Saint Mary’s University, we went to Solano using a JEEPNEY vehicle

January 27, 2019, we went to BANUE, the distance was quite far, which was 2 hours from Saint Marys’ University. We bought key chains because in Solano nobody sells key chains.

We also ate at BANUE, the weather was 14C.

January 28th-31th, 2019

January 28, 2019 Webought food ingredients to the public market, and we made Bakwan. This Bakwan was my dish for mam Clarenne.

After cooking, I gave mam ClarenneBakwan, and then I continued to meet MA. Teresa B. Tayaban, PhD friend to ask  his signature.

January 29, 2019 I, tiwi,and nisa were given a present by mam Ederline namely bread.

Mam Ederline is a cooperating teacher tiwi, but mam Ederline also gave me one prize, bread.

Indonesian language was also attached, which was THANK YOU.

 January 30-31, 2019, we stayed at the Host Dorm Mary. We spent a lot of time for cooking food. We cooked Indonesian specialties namely fried rice and Bakwan, and Thai specialties.

February 1 th, 2019

This is our closing ceremony as SEA-Teacher at Saint Marys’ University, I Learned so much from this SEA-Teacher program, one of them is how we teach at the country with so much culture and religion.

When closing, all of us gave our testimonial about this program and we gave souvenir from each of our campus.

February 2 th -3 th, 2019

at 09.00 AM, Buddies came to our dorm, We ate together and that the luch we have with Buddies. After that we played “BINGO” together. THANK YOU MY FRIEND

At 09.00 PM, we went to Manila, we went stayed at CCIM and we went to museum with Sir Jerom.

February 4 th , 2019 (BACK TO INDONESIA)

On Monday, we go back to our country, eventhough we only together in a month that so precious moment that we had together.




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